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Become a Pro Jewelry Shopper with City Shoppe’s Guide

A piece (or two) of tastefully picked jewelry helps add a touch of class to your daily outfit. To give an instant and trendy refurbish to your wardrobe, you usually drop by a fashion jewelry store. But shopping for jewelry is easier said than done. Not only do you need to keep in mind your own style and budget, you also need to integrate your new purchases into your existing collection.

City Shoppe understands this need. Here are some useful tips to help you become a pro jewelry shopper:

Research Before you Buy!

Understanding each metal’s price will be worthwhile if you’re thinking of purchasing gold, sterling, or even brass. Beware of frauds and fake jewelry. Ask for quality certification, especially for gold and diamond. Check out City Shoppe’s fantastic collection of authentic jewelry at the best prices. City Shoppe is entrusted to eb the best online jewelry store.

Some quality checks

If you are buying jewelry at a shop, lightly rub it with your nail to ensure that the object won’t scratch or peel. Sometimes cheap jewelry has a gold or silver appearance but is only painted over cheap metal. Artificial jewelry with just a coating of gold or silver will come off when scratched. So, a scratch test can save you from buying fake jewelry in the name and price of pure gold/silver.

Using your fingernail, try to lift a prong. If you can lift the prong, the gemstone it’s holding may likely fall out, rendering the piece useless.

To ensure that the prongs or metal don’t rip your clothing or scratch your skin, run the jewelry piece over your skin, stockings, and blouse.

If you are buying jewelry online, try this Twist Design Ring at City Shoppe. This simple yet stylish design from City Shoppe will steal your heart at first glance (I promise). City Shoppe online jewelry store is the best place to get classy rings. Satisfaction and quality is assured. No risk of fakes here.

Make sure it has a Return/Refund Policy.

When purchasing any fashion jewelry online or in person, check its quality and if it has a return/refund policy! Wherever you buy it from, it should have a policy of money-back returns. You should have between 14 and 30 days to get a complete refund for your purchase.

Keep it Elegant with Classic.

Don’t be afraid to invest in some timeless fashion jewelry online, even though striking fashion jewelry and accessories will give you that on-trend rush. Consider a subtle pendant or a classy ring that you know you can wear forever. Have a look at this simple yet stylish beaded pendant from City Shoppe. It will go on all your attires and provide a personality statement.

Repeat AGAIN (My Personal Favorite)

A rite of passage is discovering your unique jewelry aesthetic. If you find something you adore, wear it all the time since these jewelry items give your look charm and uniqueness. It can be a ring, a bracelet, or a bangle, something that will speak for you! Like this patina finish sterling silver studded bangle! Buy this fashion jewelry online and add charm to your overall look and turn all the heads right towards you! Don’t be hesitant to reuse the same jewelry item repeatedly. City Shoppe is the finest among all the best places to get rings.

And, if you are a lazy head who hardly feels like stepping out, check out this in-budget beautiful designer jewelry online at City Shoppe. We have curated beautiful and affordable jewelry that will add charm to your look! Every piece is handpicked specially for you to rock every place you go! What’s more, buying from City Shoppe is helping your local businesses beat the relentless competition from online giants. Get that “feel good” factor with your purchase.

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