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City Shoppe Stands with Small Businesses to Beat Back Pandemic Blues

City Shoppe Stands with Small Businesses to Beat Back Pandemic Blues

The pandemic has been especially hard for the small business industry. Small and medium businesses serve a huge population and create various jobs for the local workforce – both skilled and unskilled. A drop in business in this sector takes a huge toll on the economy. To help small businesses beat the pandemic blues, City Shoppe offers a platform to reach out to a larger audience, make their business sustainable in hard times, have happy, satisfied customers, and earn profits.

The Covid 19 crisis has changed the way businesses operate, and one of the biggest outcomes of this pandemic has been the acceleration of digitization of businesses. Today, digitization is not a privilege of a few large-size enterprises but a necessity for every business that wants to reach a larger audience. Small shops, small businesses can beat the pandemic blues by becoming a part of this digital ecosystem.

At City Shoppe, our vision is to empower small businesses and shape the future of commerce . The diverse team behind City Shoppe comes from various backgrounds – we are a mix of ex start-up executives, eCommerce experts, small business owners, and brand innovators who want to offer our customers an immersive experience that offers them the vibe of every city.

We partner with local small businesses that share the same values as us. We believe in quality over quantity, in the human side of commerce, and the individuality and character of the business process. We want our customers to have a curated buying experience, and we look for sustainable ways to make the online buying experience more personal for the buyers. We celebrate the identity and variety that small businesses bring to a city. Our platform – City Shoppe, champions the makers, creators and small businesses that desire to make an impact on their customers. We believe in authenticity and value businesses for what they are and not just what they sell.

Since our inception, we have grown tremendously, have 140 local stores under our gamut, and have created 700 local jobs. We are expanding to new locations and are adding more small businesses to our network. With us, you get a platform that enables them to have a larger reach and can bring the convenience of online shopping to their local communities .

If you are a local small business owner looking for an online platform, we can help you. Together, we can make an impact and make business more human, personal, and sustainable. City Shoppe is on a mission to level the playing field in favor of small businesses to beat the pandemic blues; you can join the movement. 

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