The Mission

Building An Online Community

It’s a common 21st century dilemma – you want the convenience of online retail, but you’re worried about the impact on local businesses of the increasing move to digital shopping.

Even before the 2020/21 COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were increasingly making their purchases online, rather than in bricks-and-mortar premises.  In 2021 it’s estimated there will be 2.14 billion online buyers, up from 1.42 billion just five years prior.  In 2020 retail e-commerce sales totaled $4.28 trillion dollars worldwide.  

These are immense figures, and the phenomenon is growing.  So how can you protect those local creators you love, without abandoning the ease and comprehensiveness of online shopping?

That’s where City Shoppe Comes In

City Shoppe is a growing online directory of local stores in top US cities including Portland, Austin and Brooklyn, offering unique home goods at great prices.  Forget the big brands and shop local from the comfort of your easy chair with  

Small businesses can join the growing ranks of creators selling to the world through our curated shopping directory.  Our shops sell apparel and accessories, home decor, cosmetics and wellness items, pet products, food and beverages, and more.

Do Some Good for your Neighborhood

City Shoppe allows you to actively support LGBTQ+, POC, female and black-owned businesses in your city as well as favoring providers of sustainable and organic products.  

You’ll find no overseas-shipped,  products here.   Treat yourself, or send an unusual gift to a loved one, secure in the knowledge that your purchase is doing nothing but good.  

You don’t need to shop where you live, of course.  You can purchase a product from any of the cities we support, and we’ll ship direct to you, countrywide.

In 2021 we’re organizing new locations and adding more companies to our growing army of local businesses making perfect products.  We hope you’ll join us in supporting this new revolution, bringing online convenience to local shopping.

Our Values

We hold certain things close to our hearts and try to ensure that we follow these principles in everything we do.

Quality over Quantity – we believe in curating a sampling of the best handmade and locally-sourced products out there, rather than warehousing an infinitude of inferior wares.

Human Commerce – we believe a key part of the value of a purchase is the good it does, particularly for small, local businesses struggling to compete in a world of global commerce.

Individuality – we’ve picked both the makers and the cities in our listings to reflect the uniqueness of the places and products we love.  

Character – Part of what we sell is the personality of each business, not just its products.  We want to celebrate these makers’ values because they align with our own.

Join Us

Whether you are a small business, or a shopper wanting to give a little something back to the community, do peruse our site and see if you’d like to sell through City Shoppe, or pick up a special gift or two.

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