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Best Shopping in Brooklyn

Shopping in Brooklyn has never been made so convenient and easy with City Shoppe, our online marketplace. We have you covered if you want to shop for skincare and wellness products, accessories and gifts, food and beverage, and more. Our wide selection of shops continues to create high-quality products for you.

Why We Love Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is an eclectic mix of diverse communities, gentrified neighborhoods, and hipster culture. It’s got a massive art scene and it’s been a historical hotbed of support for the LGBTQ community.

At one point overlooked by flashy, all-business Manhattan, Brooklyn is very much its own city. And it’s a pretty big one at that. In fact, if you counted each borough as its own city, Brooklyn would be the third-largest in the country.

And one thing you need to know about Brooklyn is exactly how diverse it is. You’ll notice small enclaves of “little-this” and “little-that” tucked away in every corner. There’s Little Russia, Little Fuzhou (Brooklyn’s Chinatown), Little Odessa, Little Poland, and Little Pakistan. As well as less officially named areas for Hispanic, Jewish, Caribbean, Greek, Italian, and Muslim communities.

Shopping in Brooklyn is a bit like that. Hidden gems are interspersed throughout the city and are as varied and eclectic as its population. So, if we can give you one iota of advice, it’s this: The best way to experience Brooklyn’s boutique shops is to wander around its neighborhoods, get a feel for the people, and see what you can find.

While you’re at it, check out some vintage shops and hipster sneakers in Williamsburg. Track down Brooklyn’s famous flea market, Brooklyn Flea. Take in the gorgeous brownstones in Park Slope and run into a stoop sale or two (yes, that’s a thing!).

Shopping in Brooklyn for wellness and skincare products

#1 Restore Hair Mask by Body Vanity 

Moisturize and strengthen your hair with our Restore Conditioner by Body Vanity. Pamper your body with a wide selection of self-care and wellness products made with the purest ingredients. Our products include herbal soaps, facial serum moisturizers, shampoo, natural deodorant, body scrubs, etc.

#2 Body Scrub by Soap Cherie

Rejuvenate your skin and revive those dull achy muscles with our body scrub. Make it a perfect addition to your daily self-care routine.

Food and beverage shopping near me

#1 Mustache Munchies Organic Baked Spicyish Crackers  by Green Mustache

How does the sound of healthy, baked cheese crackers appeal to your tastebuds? We also have other flavors like parmesan rosemary crackers and munchies and Cheddarish crackers. 

#2 Gwell bites energy snack pack  by Gwell

Bite into our healthy, delicious bites from Gwell in Brooklyn. Our sweet and savory snacks are loaded with nutrients to satisfy your sweet or salty tooth. 

#3 Handmade Gourmet Strawberry Jam by K’s European Jams

You can never go wrong with jams. Try these lip-smacking jams, marmalades, and condiments made from heritage recipes. K’s European Jams comes in different flavors, including pear vanilla, strawberry, spicy pepper jelly, blackberry and blueberry, orange marmalade, and more.

#4 Sampler set  by Mama Lam’s

Satisfy your craving for Malaysian traditional curry pastes and hot sauces at Mama Lams in Brooklyn. Complete your supply of mild and medium curry, hot sauces, and traditional curry paste condiments. 

#5 Raw Variety Pack  by Ra Raw LLC

Are you craving for healthy mouth-watering snacks? Ra Raw Bliss Balls raw snack company has you covered. Choose from our four delicious flavors berry, zesty lemon, cacao crunch, and salty caramel.

Shopping small businesses for apparel and accessories 

#1 Scent-concealing Wristlet pouch by Littlejohn New York 

This brilliant collection of smell-proof bags and pouches with proven scent-concealing technology. Choose among various wristlet pouches, convertible clutch bags, slow caddy, and slim cases. 

#2 Tre Clutch Black- Strapped by Shana Luther

Your search for trendy and stylish leather bags ends at the Shana Luther’s in Brooklyn. You can use this as a clutch or shoulder bag with the strap. For a more personal touch, add a monogram to the strap. Check out our backpacks, tote bags, wallets, pouches, t-shirts, waist bags, etc.

Shopping near me for pet treats in Brooklyn 

Treats for Pets by Bonne et Filou Bonne et Filou 

Treat your fur buddies like royalty with these luxury treats. Our unique French dog macarons are all-natural and endorsed by veterinarians. The macarons are in vanilla, strawberry, lavender, and mint flavors.

Shopping small businesses for home accessories? 

Cowrie embroidered pillow in sandalwood by Pillowpia

Put personal touches in your house with playful accessories like coasters, placemats, apron, sugar skull ornament, lumbar pillows, rattan ornament sets, knitted mitten ornaments, etc.

Start shopping now! We are sure you’ll find your personal style at City Shoppe