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Essance Skincare Portland,OR

Tell us about your company. What inspired you to create it?

Every Essance product is handcrafted with a skin-specific formula from Jasmine’s extensive experience in creating skincare products for the masses. Each Essance product is formulated to target a specific problem. Whether your issue relates to dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, or sunburn, there is an Essance product or line to help you.

Our Mission is to focus on the 4 WARS pillar. We believe that spending a few moments each day to take care of your skin is a vital part of your well being. And so, we have set out to create for you an effortless means of taking care of your skin, your largest organ. It doesn’t take much time to use these products, and when do, you will be rewarded with well-nourished skin.

What is your favorite and/or most unique product? Why?

Dragon’s Blood is top of the line for the following reasons:

When we introduced this line; many people had no idea that Dragon’s Blood is a plant species. On a few occasions women were reluctant to try this onto their skin under the impression that they could be putting blood onto their skin.

The compound of this plant has so many amazing healing properties from anti-viral infection, anti-parasitic, to anti-bacterial. For topical we have discovered it effectiveness in repairing scar tissue, acne prone condition, and reduced inflammation from eczema, bug bites and rashes.

The Dragon’s Blood line is one of our most complex facial formulas. It’s produced with chaga mushroom, rooibos tea, peony tea, jasmine green tea, pomegranate, and light molecule oils that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Our customers love the Dragons because of it unique quality from Wellness, Affordable, Responsibility, and Safe.

What are you buying local for the holidays (for yourself/friends/family)?

I have been shopping locals for home consumption and gifting to friends and families for decade. Some of my fave stops included: Missionary Chocolates, Mauka Girl Creations Jam, Peace of Soap, My People Market, New Seasons Market, Farmer Markets, Faith Hats, Tender Loving Empire, Night Market Vancouver, and holiday market events.

City Shoppe is all about finding local goods and supporting local communities. What makes your community/city so special to you?

Portland is home to Essance. We make our products here and sold in every New Seasons Market. Our customers have been the major cheerleaders behind our brand. Many of them love to stop by Essance for a quick chat or pick up just so that we can put a face next to their name. It’s so special to us when we get to watch their child/children grow up year after year. Some of whom we have grown close to and become very good friends <3.

Why is supporting local businesses so important to you?

Supporting local businesses and economy is critical now than ever. This is how we can reduce the deficit and keep unemployment rate down. The time is now where we need to focus on building a stronger community for a more viable and sustainable local economy.

Anything else you’d like to add in your spotlight?

We also offer private label and custom formulation. Thank you for the feature!

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