11 National Pet Month Finds

Animal lovers unite—it’s National Pet Month! Celebrated during the month of May, National Pet Month is an excuse to brag about and spoil our favorite furry friends.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your pet, City Shoppe has a snazzy selection of items that you won’t want to miss. Why say no when you can shop local, shop small businesses, and show the world your animal side. Meow!

#1 One Cool Cat Card

by Everglow Handmade      


Got a cat-loving friend celebrating an important milestone? Make your friend purr with satisfaction as they open this Everglow Handmade card and read just how awesome you think they are.

#2 Collapsible Lightweight Dog Water Bowl

by Belmont Blanket 


Hit the trails with this collapsible, lightweight dog water bowl that will keep Fido fashionably hydrated. Plus, you can rest assured that this waterPROOF waxed cotton bowl won’t leak. Happy trails!

#3 Dog Feed Bag

by Belmont Blanket 


Need something a bit bigger? Take a look at this gorgeous 15-day dry kibble dog feed bag. Meant for long trips or doggy daycare, it’ll keep moisture out and your dog’s food fresh.                  

#4 Terrier Dog Library Book Etched Coffee Mug

by Monster Dance Designs

$16.99 – $23.99

Love dogs and books? Take a sip from this dishwasher-safe, sandblasted coffee mug featuring an etched design of an adorable terrier perched on a stack of books. We promise he won’t judge your book selection.

#5 Mint StarPup Bowtie

by Frenchiestore      


Dress up your pup by incorporating this fun, colorful bow tie. It can be attached to your dog’s harness or collar and will have everyone begging to know where you bought it.        

#6 Cool Cat Lady Art Print

by Habitude Paper   


Showcase your cat-titude with this vibrant 8” × 10” art print by Habitude Paper. Cool cat ladies of the world unite!

#7 You Me & The Dogs Art Print

by Habitude Paper   


We haven’t forgotten about you, dog lovers! Habitude Paper’s next design features a pop of color and an 8” x 10” text design.

#8 Beige Pet Head Bow

by Frenchiestore      


This pet head bow will have everyone fawning over your oh-so-cute pooch. The best part? It fits all breeds and ear sizes.

#9 Dog Macarons

by Bonne Et Filou    


Oh my dog! These delectable doggy macarons are available as a combo gift pack in a variety of flavors. They’re human-grade and all-natural. Yum!                 

#10 French Bulldog Pajamas

by Frenchiestore      


These hypoallergenic French bulldog pajamas are made from 100% organic cotton and are 100% adorable. Perfect for lounging around with human’s best friend.

#11 Evelyn Necklace

by Harlow Jewelry   


Looking for some cat bling? Then this cute and cozy gold-plated kitty pendant will show everyone how much your cat means to you!

Celebrate National Pet Month with City Shoppe

Ready to show the world how awesome your furry friends are? Shop local with City Shoppe and celebrate National Pet Month in style. Your furry ones will love you for it!

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