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Essential Oil Wizardy: Root


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Root Chakra Oil

~ 1st Chakra: Red ~

Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils / CO2 extracts infused in Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil

Wildcrafted Himalayan Cedar (India) Wildcrafted Davana (India) Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extracted (Somalia) Spikenard, Red (India) Organic Vetiver (Haiti)
Description by Nick of Essential Oil Wizardry: Root Chakra Oil combines Cedar, Davana, Myrrh, Spikenard, Vetiver to strengthen connection to the earth and calm the mind while balancing the body. Drop into a deeper level of stillness ~ Root Chakra blend smells like a sweet caramel nectar from the earth's core touching your inner sanctum with stillness.  This is a powerful formulation for deepening connection to yourself and grounding yourself into the frequency of planet Earth.  Our whole Divine-Align: Chakra Set Series is a very powerful tool for holistic practitioners, healers, massage therapists ~
Uses:  Apply to the bottom of the feet to increase awareness of the body in the moment.  Use 1-3 drops on each foot, then apply to the lower abdomen.  Wonderful placed into a diffuser for getting present in your body and being grounded to take action. Exquisite Botanical Perfume – Apply to the wrist points, around the neck and on the body.  The aromatics are grounding and supportive for being in the body, taking on physical tasks and aiding to remain calm.

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