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Cigarette Tube

by Walnut
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Stealthy, stylish, and secure, the Cigarette Tube is a subtle brass tube to confine odors and protect a small, hand-rolled cigarette from crushing and bending - or other long, skinny items such as pencil leads.  

Based on customer feedback, we designed the tube to be just about the size of a standard cigarette to fit perfectly into a cigarette box. This slim size is perfect for pencil-sized rolls, with or without a cigarette box.

Built to last, the tube is handcrafted in our Oregon workshop of all-natural materials: solid brass tube with the highest-grade cork closure to seal in odors.

Opens at one end with a cork closure. The cork secures the contents. The opacity of metal blocks light for optimal storage. 

SPARE PARTS: Replacement corks are available in our Parts section. 

MATERIALS: Solid brass tube, extra select cork closure

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 3 1/4" (82.5 mm) long x 5/16" (8 mm) internal diameter and 9 mm external diameter

WEIGHT: Empty, the tube weighs approximately 0.2 ounces (5.5g)

MONOGRAMMING: Sorry, this item is not able to be monogrammed.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Credit to Erin Berzel Photography.

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