Become a city shoppe.

Sell on a platform that highlights who you are, not just what you sell.

What is City Shoppe?

We take local shopping, virtual, so consumer from around the country can shop your products. City Shoppe acts as your local search engine and marketplace in one. We’re creating a one-stop-shop so that local retailers and independent brands can compete with big-box and e-commerce giants.


We offer a toolkit of simple tech and business solutions to support the future of local retail and enable businesses to automate and grow their revenue. City Shoppe manages all marketing, store page design, inventory management, payment process, and customer service. So businesses can focus on doing what they love – curating great products.


City Shoppe partners with local small businesses to grow their businesses sustainably through our operation and marketing experience. We review every application to ensure we build a community by value-driven companies bettering their city and the consumer experience.

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