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Gardeners of City Shoppe unite! We’ve got the cutest, upscale finds for your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. From planters to plant markers, but all with our signature promise of quality products from local shops. So while you’re working away in your garden, you know you’ll have the highest quality and durable products that not only look great but will last you years to come. Read on for five of City Shoppe’s sustainable gardening gems.

#1 Plant Marker    

Witty plant markers that’ll make your inner gardener chuckle. They’ve got the cutest laser-cut sayings. Plus, they’re biodegradable and made of cedar—a natural insect repellent.

#2 Mountain Drop Vessel    

We’re always on the lookout for unique pots, jugs, and vases for our plants. And this mountain drop vase doesn’t disappoint. Best for your itty-bitty green friends.

#3 Cotton Baskets

Use them for storage, laundry, gardening, or decor, the Ira cotton basket and its smaller cousin the Avani cotton basket by Bit of Meraki will add the perfect contemporary touch to your home. Both are made from 100% cotton and handwoven by artisans in India.

#4 Textured Planter     

Succulents are one of the easiest household plants to care for, so we love putting them into unique planters. Austin-based Awkward Auntie offers just that. Their textured cement planter is a color-neutral plum with a gorgeous geometric shape that gives it the perfect twist.

#5 Tabletop Belly Basket            

Finally, we’ve got another basket for you that we couldn’t help but tack onto our list. This one comes from Brooklyn-based Pillowpia and is handwoven in Vietnam. Their tabletop belly basket is also a beautiful find for storage, laundry, gardening, or decor. Bonus? It’s collapsible when not in use.

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Find something you love? We thought so. Not only do these gardening finds add style to your home, but they all come from local businesses committed to making a positive impact in the world. You’re welcome!