Shopify App Documentation

Step by step on how to connect your Shopify Store to City Shoppe.

Step 1 - Install

Accept and authorize City Shoppe application and hit "install app".

Step 2 - Register or Login

If you're new to City Shoppe you'll need to create an account, filling out the fields and hitting Submit.
If you already have a City Shoppe account, you can login with your City Shoppe credentials.

Step 3 - Update your Store info

In City Shoppe you'll have a Store Page, and in order to make it great, we need a bit of information from you, fill out the form and hit Save. If you prefer, you can skip this step and proceed to Step 4. You can always go back and this information later on.

Step 4.1 - Auto Sync

There are a few options you can pick from in order to synchronize your catalog and inventory with your City Shoppe account. We recommend you use the Full auto sync option, where all your current and future products will be automatically synchronized. If you choose this option, all you need to do is hit Activate.

Step 4.2 - Collection Sync

Another catalog sync option is the Collection Sync. If you choose this option, you'll need to select which of your Shopify store Collection you'd like to synchronize.

Step 4.3 - Manual Sync

Last but not least, you can also choose which specific products you'd like to sync. You can search and filter the products you want by collection, and check the product checkboxes you want to sync, and hit Sync.


Now your Shopify store is synchronized with your City Shoppe store.All inventory, order, or product changes you make for the chosen set of products, will reflect on City Shoppe!