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Our Favorite Stores to Shop At!

We founded City Shoppe on a singular principle: To highlight and support local shops in our favorite cities so people could peruse high-quality goods while supporting boutiques, niche products, and organic/vegan stores without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

We’ve met some awesome people since City Shoppe took off.

Take a look at some of our favorite stores to shop at when looking for beautiful items from local shops.

Shopping in Los Angeles

The ladies at Mono B balance fashion and function for athleisure wear that won’t break your wallet. You can look good while working out, and they design their clothes with balance and inclusivity in mind. Check out their designs that come from a place of necessity rather than luxury. The owners work constantly to bring you fashion-forward prints and colors without sacrificing quality or value.

I’m a sucker for succulents. So are the people at Succulents Box. What started as one person in 2017 has grown into a 30-employee store in just five years. And they don’t just have typical green succulents, either. Red, pink, brown, and blue ones are also available. Every succulent is organically grown, and the company has sold more than 1 million plants to over 125,000 succulent lovers since they started. The company also carries more than 300 varieties and donates to worthy charities every year.

Shopping in Portland

Want something hand-sewn, soft, and eco-friendly? Marley’s Monsters makes jewelry, stuffed animals, baby products, and hair accessories out of reusable fabrics! They make dusters out of scrap pieces of fabric to save on their waste. Born out of Sarah’s time on maternity leave as an interior designer in 2013, Marley’s Monsters is a real gem.

If you love practical art you can use every day, Terra Glassworks is the perfect place! Using traditional glassblowing techniques, Matthew and his dedicated staff of one or two artisans turn clay forms into beautiful glass designs for cups, vases, and bowls.

Shopping in Austin

Every girl’s gotta have a bag. New Blue Bags has the best ones ever.  From handbags made from organic cotton or sustainable jute to Texas-style bags made of leather scraps, there is a bag for any occasion. Nylon mesh or cotton produce bags keep your fresh foods better for longer, helping you to stretch your grocery bill a bit longer.

Unique art is always in style. Darrellene Designs takes a family passion for French art and translates it into whimsical and charming pieces customized to you. Handpainted by Tommy, Darrellene or Delaney Lindsey, each piece is on a distressed piece of wood, 15 or 23 inches across, made to resemble a vintage cheese label from the French countryside. You can purchase a pre-made favorite or custom order some beautiful vintage-style artwork that celebrates your life.

Shopping in Brooklyn

I like shopping for the man in my life. Every once in a while, I want him to look good. Mandujour is a store that helps him to do just that. Just look at those bow ties and tell me you’ve seen something like these designs before. Nature-inspired and wonderfully crafted, your man will smile at the wooden box he receives with his bow tie. They make this look good.

Who doesn’t love pillows? How about pillows made from eco-friendly materials? Pillowpia comes from Pia Rappaport-Goldman, who once built archives for major fashion designers in New York. Now, she takes her sense of style to make beautiful home accessories (specializing in pillows). She’s also got rugs, baskets, bags, and ornaments, all made from textiles.

Shopping in Nashville

Atelier Confidante creates handmade jewelry designs inspired by friends of the artisans. Much in the same way a piece of jewelry reminds the wearer of who gave them the piece, the artisans of this shop in Nashville are reminded of particular friends when they create each ring, necklace, or bracelet. A little bit of friendship goes into each piece you buy.

Project 615 is all about Nashville. Country music. The Titans. Muscle cars. The local company celebrates anything Nashville: teams, people, artists and places. They create unique designs and partner with nationally known brands to elevate your style. To date, this fast-growing local company has donated more than $1 million to world-changing charities and organizations.

That’s my quick-hit list of the places I love shopping through City Shoppe! What’s on your list? Are there any I left out? Please don’t forget to shop local to support your favorite boutiques and stores that thrive on your patronage.

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