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KMD Kandles started with my love for candles. When my candle addiction became expensive, I decided to make them for myself. I fell in love with the wooden wicks because they add an extra touch or relaxation. When lit, they lightly crackle like a log on a fire. So I wanted to make sure I incorporated them in my very own candles. After I mastered the formula for my candles, I thought it was time to let my friends and family test them out.  Once they approved, I took a leap of faith and started KMD Kandles. And in doing so I've grown so much and have learned a lot about myself in the process. All of my Kandles are hand poured in small batches here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. If you want to feel vibes of coziness, our fragrant soy candles will set the mood for relaxation. The wooden wick ( made of cherry and maple wood) will generate a soft crackle and pop when lit. Wooden wick candles burn slower and cleaner than other candles on the market. Just one of my 8 oz candles burn approximately 24 hours. Give KMD Kandles a try they won't disappoint.  

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