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MERAKI means “doing something with soul, creativity, and love.” Six years ago, the Bit of Meraki founders worked for a social enterprise that took them to remote communities and villages in India in order to create employment opportunities and improve living standards. Over time, their lives and careers changed, but their passion for working with communities and making positive social impact did not. This led to the conception of Bit of Meraki. This idea would allow the founders to once again engage with different global communities and celebrate unique cultures by empowering them to be creative and design inspiring crafts. By bringing custom, handmade items to the global market, Bit of Meraki hopes to inspire and empower community artisans. We partner with skilled and talented artisans from remote villages or underprivileged communities in places such as India and Africa and empower these communities by providing income opportunities and help them improve their standard of living with fair wages. All of our products are handmade and use sustainable, natural materials like jute and cotton. We also ensure that our colorful craftsmanship is done only with clean and less harmful dyes, all ethically sourced from around the globe. Every Bit of Meraki purchase contributes “charity:water” which helps fund clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations!

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