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Art of Travel I have been a travel enthusiast for as long as I can remember, mostly a dreamer until 10 years ago when I took a job that allowed me to turn my travel dreams into reality. Since then I have been traversing the globe at a rapid pace with my cultural curiosity never fully satiated. When I must remain stationary I turn to my digital photo diaries to propel me back in time to the places I have been. Each photo has a story, a memory and a feeling with a different perspective on a cities architecture, landscape and culture. I hope my photos will leave you with a little bit of inspiration and a touch of wanderlust. Inspired by my travels and desire to support sustainably sourced products, I have carefully selected a small collection of apothecary and home goods from my native Hawaii and abroad to offer along side my ceramics and prints. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently reside in Portland, OR. All of my prints are printed and framed locally here in Portland.

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