We're Here To Shape The Culture Of Commerce.

How It Started

We’re a team of former start up exces, small business owners, eCommerce experts, and brand innovators that think the ability to discover brands online is filled with noise and dominated by the big guys. So, we’re shaking things up by creating an immersive experience that brings in the vibe of each locale to allow customers to explore and embrace the quirks of each city.

Our Values

We select our brand and retailer partners based on the values we hold for ourselves.

Quality over Quantity

We choose quality products and brands to inspire a curated experience and continue to find sustainable ways to keep the online experience more personal.

Human Commerce

We know that a product’s price doesn’t always represent a product’s cost and where you spend your dollar matters. We put more control back in the hands of our customers.


We champion the makers, creators, and risk-takers of the world. The identity that small businesses bring to a city is an intangible source of joy that needs celebration.


We create a platform to present businesses for who they are and what they value, not just what they sell.

The Impact

Local Stores
Local Jobs

We’re organizing new locations and adding more companies to our growing army of local businesses making perfect products. Join us in supporting this new revolution, bringing online convenience and shopping to local communities.