Fair Trade

What’s Fair Trade? & 4 FT Products

Ah, fair trade. It’s a phrase that’s thrown around a lot in the ethical shopping community. But what exactly does it mean? And how does it affect workers, the planet, and small businesses?

What’s Fair Trade?

Think of fair trade as the anti-Amazon. We’ve all been tempted by Amazon’s dirt-cheap pricing. But that price tag comes with ethically questionable values. Aside from the fact that buying from fast-fashion retailers means you’re not (even remotely) supporting local business, it can also mean cheap labor and poor environmental practices. Fair trade, on the other hand, ensures that businesses make honest and transparent agreements with workers in developing countries that include:
  • Paying workers liveable wages
  • Protecting the environment
  • Providing safe working conditions

How Can City Shoppe Help?

Because City Shoppe wants to make it easy for you to shop local and shop small businesses, we’ve got a few fair trade friendly products that you’ll absolutely adore.

#1 Zeenat Cotton Scarf

by Kanti Goods     $32-39 Handmade by local artists in India, this Zeenat cotton scarf will keep you cool and looking great—while also making a major impact. Designed by Kanti Goods, a mother-daughter team that works with local artisans and organizations that empower women. The scarf is available in ten different prints and comes in two sizes (small or large). Can you say socially responsible and on-trend?

#2 Ursa Basket

by Kanti Goods               $79 But if bags are more your thing, check out the Ursa basket, another fair trade find from Kanti Goods. The bags are handwoven by a women’s group in Ghana. They use recycled materials, like old fabric and plastic bags, plus leather handles to give these one-of-a-kind baskets a second life. Available in four different colors: black, green, orange, or turquoise.

#3 Farzeen Throw Pillow Cover

by Bit of Meraki     $70 Here’s another gorgeous home good to lay your head on—the Farzeen throw pillow cover by Bit of Meraki. Not just a pretty pillow cover, the purchase of this product also helps skilled artisans and funds clean water projects. The Farzeen throw pillow cover is handcrafted by local artists in remote villages of India, and it’s made from 100% cotton.

#4 Chindi Hot Pad

by Pillowpia                     $9 Lastly, check out this beautifully minimalistic Chindi hot pad by Pillowpia. Handmade in India by using repurposed rug materials, each hot pad has its own, unique look. These 8” x 8” cotton squares will keep your table safe from hot drinks, pots, and pans. Available in five shades: aquatic, heavy cream, lilac, peony, and pottery.

Shop Fair Trade Products with City Shoppe

You can absolutely furnish your home and your closet by doing things like shop local, shop small businesses, and by supporting fair trade standards. All of these products are made by skilled artisans who are paid liveable wages and craft gorgeous goods in a safe, protected workspace. It’s ethical shopping at its finest.

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